Angelic Merkaba Ascension Activation and Sacred Geometry

Presentation by Star Walker and Nancy McMillan

For the first time ever, two powerful sacred geometry teachings have come together!

 Learn the importance of using sacred geometry for spiritual transformation.

Feel the ‘power’ of the Angelic Merkaba, which is used for personal Ascension awakening.

 Learn about techniques to help in the Ascension process and lightbody activation.

This Angelic Merkaba is different in structure and purpose than typical merkaba teachings, and comes from angelic channelings.

We now have the opportunity to consciously ascend into a higher vibrational level of the dimensional shift.

Our planet is already well into this process and most of humanity can feel this on some level.

Mother Earth’s vibrational rate is increasing rapidly, and we have all been invited to evolve with her into a fuller, more loving consciousness.

Learn how the Angelic Merkaba is a very special spiritual helping Sacred Geometry tool to help in this Ascension transformation.

Friday, October 4, 2013 

7-8:30pm in the Universal Room

FREE event

For more information:
Star: 509-262-4685,,
Nancy: 719-649-1625,,


Nancy McMillan R.N. MSW

Nancy McMillian, is a teacher of ‘Sacred Geometry’ with 12 years as a Trained Certified Flower of Life 2000+ Facilitator; Masters in Social Work; 40 years as a registered nurse; social worker consultant; teacher; author; healer; mental health counselor; and an Emissary of Love facilitating ‘On the Path of Mastery with Sacred Geometry Workshops’.

For more information, please call or visit:  719-649-1625,,

About Deb Peterson (Star Walker):

Deb Peterson is a Teacher of ‘Angelic Merkaba Ascension Activations’, Leading authority and teacher on Angelic Merkbas; Metaphysical Teacher; Shamanic Practitioner; Earth Healing Ceremonial Leader; Sacred Drum and Wooden Staff Carrier; Earth Grid Activator; Energy Healer; Reiki Master; Hypnotherapist; Angelic and Inter-dimensional Channeler; and maker of personal Angelic Merkabas for healing and creating sacred space.

For more information, please call or visit:  509-262-4685,,